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Hier findet ihr interessante Berichte, Studien, Analysen, Talks, Videos oder sonstige Artikel, die wir euch nicht vorenthalten wollen. Aktien sind nur ein kleiner Teil des Finanz-Universums.

How much energy will the world need? Video 1 & Video 2

Von Mark Mills


Are we heading toward an all-renewable energy future, spearheaded by wind and solar? Or are those energy sources wholly inadequate for the task? Mark Mills, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of The Cloud Revolution, compares the energy dream to the energy reality.

We Will See the Return of Capital Investment on a Massive Scale

Von Russell Napier

Market strategist and historian Russell Napier warns of a 15- to 20-year phase of structurally elevated inflation and financial repression. He shares his views on how investors should prepare for this new world.

Winning at the Great Game Part 1 & Part 2

Von Adam Robinson

Author, educator, and hedge fund advisor, Adam Robinson shares powerful lessons on winning the game of life. He teaches us how to learn, how to fail, and his three secrets of happiness and success.

Avoid News: Towards a Healthy News Diet (

von Rolf Dobelli


This article is the antidote to news. It is long, and you probably won’t be able to skim it. Thanks to heavy news consumption, many people have lost the reading habit and struggle to absorb more than four pages straight. This article will show you how to get out of this trap – if you are not already too deeply in it.

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